Alt om blomster og møbler

On our blog we write about interior design, furniture and flowers as the main topics, but moves us in on all the daily things such. budget and maintenance of your house. We try to keep our posts as objective and reasonable as possible so that virtually anyone can get something out of them, and not only people with a certain income or interest.

Our writers are mainly hobby enthusiasts, and therefore does not necessarily training or extensive experience in the subject. But on the other hand work with the flowers or the problems themselves. I myself am a trained florist, and has created an entire section with the different flowers that are popular in Denmark. The thing that I have the trouble with is therefore also the things that I write about, including planting, watering and fertilizing.

It's always hard when you are just starting a new hobby to know everything about it, but actually you can quickly get acquainted with it. I started to replant the garden a few years ago and already has a fantastic garden where the flowers are larger and more beautiful than ever!
However, I have also been attracted to blog about "do it yourself" thing that f . example one of my last post about it to be a budget itself, and how it can benefit one's budget crazy. When suddenly saves 1-2000 per month, so stop can not just like that again.
Moreover, I was suddenly a huge bill from a variety of artisans, to later find out that I certainly even (perhaps with a little help) could have gotten done things by an acquaintance or even in some cases.

My experience tells me that more and more women are starting to read about these things on the web. And I was actually even one of them came other blogs about the same topics online, and when I actually was not always happy with what I found, so I decided really just to make a blog myself. I also get most messages from women asking me about things that have read my blog, but there are also men who are interested in some of the flowers and the garden.